MA-INF 1304 Seminar Geometric Distance Problems


We still have room for participants. Please contact Elmar Langetepe if you are interested.


The kick-off meeting for the seminar will take place Wednesday 26th April 10:15, Room E08 LBH. Presentations have to be done in two blocks, see the dates below. The task is as follows:

  • Studying a scientific paper (Topics below)
  • Presentation in a talk (30 Minutes, dates below)
  • Written report (in own words) 10 pages
ModuleMA-INF 1315
Degree programMaster, 2nd semester
AdvisorProf. Dr. Rolf Klein
AdvisorPD Dr. Elmar Langetepe
Dates TBA Two blocks at the end of the semester, Wednesday 10:00, Room LBH E08


This semester we offer a seminar for up to 8 participants. Our topics comprise

  • discrete and computational geometry
  • motion planning
  • online algorithms

Topics of this semester

1. VC Dimension of Visibility Polygons Part I (cannot be downloaded)
2. Searching in Trees for one of many goals
3. Searching for Oil
4. Two Watchman in a polygon
5. Fire-Fighting in Trees is hard
6. Get out of the forest
7. Online Graph Exploration
8. VC Dimension of Visibility Polygons Part II (cannot be downloaded)
9. Evolutionary Algorithms and Theory

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