MA-INF 1303 - Selected Topics in Algorithmics

Lecturing starts:

Wednesday April 8th at 14:30 am in E08 LBH!


Within this course we consider randomized algorithms for geometric structures. We first talk about the general concept of randomized incremental, divide-and-conquer, and dynamic techniques, and use basic geometric structures for illustrations. Then we apply these techniques to more advanced geometric structures and have further discussion. The course is based on the book of Ketan Mulmuley on Computational Geometry: An Introduction Through Randomized Algorithms, and several selected papers. There will be biweekly exercises that have to be solved by the participants and they will be discussed in the tutorials.

Important Dates

Subject When Where Start Lecturer
Lecutres Wednesday 14:30-16:00 LBH E08 April 8th 2015 Liu
Tutorials Wednesday 16:00-17:30 LBH E08 April 15th 2015 Liu, Hung


Exercise Sheets

Final Oral Exam

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