Our research interests lie in the area of Theoretical Computer Science. While the research group of Professor Rolf Klein works mainly in the area of algorithmic geometry, the research group of Professor Stefan Kratsch focuses on parameterized complexity of NP-hard problems.


We offer courses in the area of Theoretical Computer Science both in the Bachelor and Master program. During this semester we offer the following modules.

Head of DepartmentProf. Dr. Rolf Klein
ProfessorsProf. Dr. Rolf Klein
Prof. Dr. Stefan Kratsch
SecretariesAntje Bertram
ContactUniversität Bonn
Institute Of Computer Science I
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144
53113 Bonn
Tel. (+49) 228 - 73 4333
Fax. (+49) 228 - 73 4321
Office hoursMo 10-12 a.m, 2-3 p.m
Tu-Th 10-12 a.m

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