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 ====== MA-INF 1317 Lab Parameterized Complexity ====== ====== MA-INF 1317 Lab Parameterized Complexity ======
 +===== Dates =====
 +^When ^Where ^Lecturer^
 +|Thursday 14:15 - 17:45|LBH / E.08|Kratsch|
 +The first meeting will be on Thursday, 20th October, 2016, at 14:15.
 +We will likely adopt a schedule of bi-weekly meetings that will likely not require a double slot. If appropriate,​ we can move to a different room and/or time. Nevertheless,​ the announced times are reserved for this lab and can be fully used.
 +===== General Information =====
 +The goal of this lab is to understand, implement, and test algorithms from parameterized complexity, interpreted widely to include related topics from efficient algorithms and exact exponential-time algorithms. There are no prerequisites beyond Bachelor-level foundational algorithms lectures and programming skills.
 +There is no fixed topic yet, but there is a list of suggestions from which a pick will be made in the first meeting. You are very welcome to suggest ideas beforehand (by email) or in the initial meeting. In summer 2016, a team of four students participated in a programming challenge, and this could in principle be repeated (but the contest topics are not announced yet).
 +Students will be encouraged to work in teams of two, and pursuing different topics is possible.
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