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 ====== Seminar: Parameterized Complexity ====== ====== Seminar: Parameterized Complexity ======
 ===== MA-INF 1212 ===== ===== MA-INF 1212 =====
 +  * The initial meeting is on Monday April 18 from 9-12 in room E.08 in the LBH building.
 +  * In the meeting all students will be assigned a scientific paper from the field of parameterized complexity that appeared recently in a journal or conference.
 +  * Each participant needs to prepare and present a talk about the assigned paper. ​
 +  * Talks should be prepared using latex beamer or powerpoint (or appropriate substitute).
 +  * All talks will be given at the end of the lecture period in one or two longer meetings.
 +  * During the lecture period it is strongly recommended (but not mandatory) to make two appointments for discussing your general understanding of the assigned paper (first appointment) and for discussing a first version of your talk slides (second appointment).
 +  * Prior knowledge of parameterized complexity is **not** required.
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