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 +====== Dr. Herman Haverkort ======
 +|Office|Universität Bonn \\ Institut für Informatik I  \\ Room 2.014 \\ Endenicher Allee 19A \\ D-53115 Bonn| Phone|+49 (228) 73 - 69 686 |{{staff:​hermanhaverkort.jpg?​direct&​100|}}|
 +|::: |:::             | Fax    |+49 (228) 73 - 4321 |:::|
 +|::: |:::             | Email  |haverkort@uni-bonn.de|:::​|
 +|Office Hours|By appointment ​ ||||
 +===== Research interests=====
 +  * Computational Geometry
 +  * Tessellations and space-filling curves
 +  * I/​O-efficient algorithms and data structures
 +  * Algorithms for geographic data
 +  * Algorithms for architecture
 +  * Sonification
 +A more elaborate description of my research and a selection of my publications can be found on my [[http://​herman.haverkort.net|personal website]].
 +===== Teaching WS 2018/2019 =====
 +  * [[lehre:​ws1819:​algorithmische-geometrie|Grundlagen der Algorithmischen Geometrie]]
 +  * [[http://​herman.haverkort.net/​doku.php?​id=graduation_projects|Bachelor'​s and Master'​s graduation projects]]
 +===== Short biography =====
 +Born in Arnhem in the Netherlands,​ I studied at the University of Utrecht. There I completed basic courses (propedeuse) in law and a PhD in computer science, while developing, manufacturing,​ and selling board games as one of the partner-founders of Splotter Spellen. After that I briefly worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Karlsuhe Institute of Technology and at Aarhus University in Denmark, where I designed and implemented robust and efficient algorithms for massive geographic data. From 2005 until 2018 I worked as a lecturer and researcher at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. In the summer of 2018 I moved to Bonn with my wife and our children Emma (2011) and Frida (2015).
 +Through the years I have been teaching and organizing several courses, seminars, lab projects and research projects on algorithms, ranging from the basics to advanced topics such as external-memory algorithms, computations on terrain models, clustering, and route planning. I have supervised PhD students'​ and [[http://​herman.haverkort.net/​graduation_projects|Master students'​ projects]] on various topics in space-filling curves, external-memory algorithms, GPU algorithms, automated cartography,​ computations on terrain models, computer vision (for cars), speech recognition,​ geometric combinatorial optimization,​ spatial index structures, and more. I am an editor for the [[http://​www.jocg.org|Journal of Computational Geometry]] and the 2016 edition of Springer'​s Encyclopedia of Algorithms.
 +For more details, you are welcome to check out [[http://​herman.haverkort.net/​biography|the longer version of this biography]].
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