MA-INF 1304 Seminar Geometric Distance Problems


You can contact Elmar Langetepe if you are interested.


The kick-off meeting for the seminar will take place Wednesday 18th October 10:15, Room E08 LBH. Presentations have to be done in two blocks, see the dates below. The task is as follows:

ModuleMA-INF 1315
Degree programMaster, 2nd semester
AdvisorProf. Dr. Rolf Klein
AdvisorPD Dr. Elmar Langetepe
Dates TBA Two blocks at the end of the semester, Wednesday 10:00, Room LBH E08


This semester we offer a seminar for up to 7 participants. Our topics comprise

Topics of this semester

1. VC Dimension of Visibility Polygons (Part I)
2. Searching in Trees for one of many goals
3. Two Watchman in a polygon
4. Fire-Fighting in Trees is hard
5. Get out of the forest
6. Online Graph Exploration
7. VC Dimension of Visibility Polygons (Part II/cannot be downloaded)
8. Evolutionary Algorithms and Theory